Monthly Foam Roller Classes Postponed Due to COVID-19

Studio Sway

Foam Roller Back

Foam Roller Yoga Workshop at Studio Sway 1100 San Mateo Blv. NE Ste. #32 Albuquerque, NM 87110.  

Learn and experience the benefits of Foam Roller Therapy to release muscular tension and connective tissue restrictions.

Do you have a foam roller, and want to know how to safely relax problem areas?  Do you have recurrent neck, shoulder, Jaw, back, hip tightness that just keeps coming back? Do you love getting massages, but can't afford them as often as you need?  Lynne has 3 decades experience in body work, 10 years as a wholistic physical therapist.

Bring a yoga mat and foam roller if you have them.  Some extras available for use in class and for purchase, first come first serve.  $20 at the door.

Call: 505-200-0271 or email for more information.

Foam Roller Floor

Why Learn Foam Roller Self-Therapy?

Do you have persistent tightness from postural stress?  Utilizing a few foam rolling techniques can help dramatically improve long lasting issues.  

A study was conducted that addressed the effects of foam rolling on range of motion.  They found that improvements were made with even 5s of duration but were nearly doubled with 10s.  These significant findings reinforce the efficacy of foam rolling for improving range of motion.

Another study demonstrated that foam rolling after an exercise session can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  

Learn more about how to use a foam roller.