Postural Pain Resolved E-Book



The Secret to Stop Hurting and Getting your Strength and Energy Back

For busy Professionals who want to feel better and need to stay productive. 


30 simple exercises you can do at home.

WHY you are Hurting

HOW your Posture is Related 

WHAT you can do about it to make a LASTING CHANGE!

If you’d like to know why you just can’t shake that:

low back-neck-shoulder tension, 

and why it continually creeps back in after massages, adjustments, and vacations.

If you’d like to take control of your physical well-being 

AND help your family.

If you’d like to have more energy, stamina, and a better relationship with your body...

Do you suffer from:

  • Low Back pain?
  • Neck tightness?
  • Shoulder discomfort?
  • Tension head aches?

You’re not alone!!!  Do you even suspect it might be related to your posture? 

What if I told you there is a solution, and I can help!

You don't have to live with the fatigue, discomfort, or downright pain any longer. 

Outlining the cause AND THE SOLUTION of this epidemic. 


Postural Pain Resolved: The Secret to Stop Hurting and Getting your Strength and Energy Back

Do you want a Doctor of Physical Therapy and yoga instructor on your side, guiding you toward a posture that feels and looks amazing?  Save thousands of dollars in medical bills! Learn how to engage the muscles needed to take the strain out of your day with subtle yet profound shifts.  Dr. Lynne has spent her lifetiime studying and practicing the art of mindful posture.  And she wants to teach you!

Simple exercises included to teach and train the body to find an efficient and strong position.

Learn exactly WHAT and WHERE the core is, how to engage it, and breathing exercises to coordinate and train the postural muscles, for long-term success!  Step-by-step instructions to shift your posture to one of stability and ease. 30 simple exercises included! 

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