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About Us

At River Light Community Physical Therapy, we prioritize a wholistic approach to injury treatment and wellness.  Dr. Lynne takes the time to patiently listen, answer questions, and educate you about your body.  This leads to better lasting results and optimal function/health, beyond mere alleviation of symptoms.  Dr. Lynne has specialized in body work for almost 3 decades with 10 years focused on physical therapy.  She utilizes this experience to provide efficient and effective protocols that are easy to comply with and have profound results.  

Dr. Lynne received her certificate in natural therapeutics in 1991 from NMSNT and practiced in New Mexico for 15 years before deciding to pursue her degree in physical therapy.  She graduated from the University of New Mexico in the first Doctoral class of 2010. She combines Western and Eastern perspectives on healing, drawing from both scientific allopathic, as well as integrative natural therapeutic approaches.  Knowledge and experience in both worlds allows for comprehensive understanding of the interrelatedness of body systems.  Dr. Lynne can explain how your pain and dysfunction originated and what can be done to regain balance.